"Taylor Mali acknowledged me as a person who chooses to teach. This was incredibly valuable because we work so hard and often at our craft when no one is looking."

"Thank you! Today was amazing. The speakers, the workshops, the food, the weather, the love and support were all received with gratitude. I will happily encourage my colleagues to attend next time, so please have a next time."

"The playful summer feel was fun!"

"Fantastic! So thankful I work at a school where there is a community and will to provide teachers with opportunities like this. Thank you parents and Reiss Fund."

"I loved everything! It was not just lectures, it served as inspiration for the future and as a teacher, I felt appreciated!"

"I feel very supported as an educator by my own district."

"It gave me tools that enhance my skills as an individual, an educator and a professional. I felt appreciated by the district as well as gave me a space to hang with colleagues and administrators outside the hectic school year."

"I took the yoga session and found some ways to create a safe and peaceful classroom environment that allows for students to focus on mindfulness and find spaces to relax and clear their minds for learning."

"I thought the best part was the public speaking presentation at the end. It helps with open house, conferences, PPTs, presentations, and just a source of professional growth."

"Being able to sit with other colleagues and listen to great music from our colleagues was amazing."

The A Team Jeromy Nelson, Adam Hamor & Melissa Labrosciano




"It was an amazing day. Many of my colleagues noted that we felt incredibly special to be in a district where we feel so supported by the comunity and parents. This was unlike district led Professional Development-it was personal and meaningful for us. Thank you!”