About the Reiss Fund

The Reiss Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide funding to support our Darien Public School teachers’ limitless quest for knowledge and enrichment.


The Reiss Fund provides financial assistance, in the form of individual summer grants, guest speakers and a teachers’ conference in 2017 to teachers who seek opportunities to expand their horizons, deepen their content area knowledge and gain valuable experiences that inform and enrich their classroom instruction. It is a unique and distinctive gift that our community offers its teachers and a competitive advantage over other area school districts when it comes to hiring and retaining top-notch teachers.


Virtually every dollar raised by the Reiss Fund supports teacher learning. Our administrative expenses are limited to one annual town-wide fundraising appeal.

The Darien School PTOs are Founding Sponsors of the Reiss Fund Teachers' Conference through generous financial contributions and volunteer time.  

Our History

In 1962, the Sydnor and Miriam Reiss Teachers Fund for Further Study was created to honor Sydnor and Miriam Reiss, for their dedication and involvement on the Board of Education and in our community. The Reiss Fund maintains that when teachers become students again, they deepen their commitment to teaching and bring renewed enthusiasm to their classrooms. By providing teachers with creative study opportunities, the Fund encourages excellence in Darien classrooms at all grade levels. 


Through the generosity of the Darien community and school PTOs, the Reiss Fund has awarded over $380,000 in individual summer learning grants to over 500 Darien teachers since 1962 so that they may expand their horizons, deepen their content-area knowledge and gain valuable experiences that inform and enrich their classroom instruction. 

In the fall of 2016 the Reiss Fund Board, made up of two parents, two school superintendents and a Board of Education member, conceived of the Reiss Fund Teachers' Conference with the goal of expanding enrichment and learning opportunities to all of our teachers. The Board, with the assistance of three Darien Public School teacher volunteers, planned and held a one-day conference for all district teachers and administrators. This conference was made possible through the generous support of the seven school PTOs and donors from the Darien community. 

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Lindsay Hurty

Alan Lui

Michael Burke

Dr. Elliott Landon

Dr. Susie Da Silva