2017 Reiss Fund

Teachers' Conference

June 22, 2017

After 50 years of awarding summer learning grants to over 500 Darien public school teachers, the Reiss Fund launched the Reiss Fund Teachers' Conference in 2017, a one-day leadership conference open to all Darien public school teachers and administrators. 

The Reiss Fund Teachers' Conference was designed to build our teachers' leadership skills while helping them recognize and mentor leadership qualities in peers and students. 

A full day of engaging and inspiring speakers and break-out sessions were planned and featured:

    • Taylor Mali, author, teacher advocate and four-time national poetry slam champion 

    • John West, New York's go-to public speaking coach

    • Ryan Plunkett, FBI counterterrorism expert and Darien dad

2017 Teacher Ambassadors

Hindley          Nick Defoe

Holmes          Melissa Labrosciano

Ox Ridge       Thalia Goo

Royle              Christie Martin

Tokeneke      Adam Hamor

DHS                Jeromy Nelson

MMS               Abby Shiner